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The construction of the pilot stick was done completely in a CAD system. Therefore a perfect symmetry as well as a 3rd level continuity of the surface is assured. The stick is build up with carbon fibre and epoxy resin. This means the stick is not made from simple plastic with an imprinted carbon fibre structure on the surface! Further on the complete stick is made from fibres and not a plastic part, which is covered with one layer of carbon - this is the basis for a high quality and an infinite durability.

Accordingly this pilot stick in excellence quality is adequate for highest demands and at the same time completely insensitive to environmental influences. The manufacture is entire hand work using negative moulds to ensure a constant quality of the product. The pilot stick is made in two half-shells, which glued together. This results in a revolving joint, which can recognize optical by the fibres structure but not perceived because of the final high gloss finish.

Overall the number of units is limited because of the complex construction and renouncement of any form of machinery production.