Major Overhaul Std. Cirrus(D-0581)

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September 2002 together with Thomas Ohnimus i have started the project "Std. Cirrus": This glider (Std. Cirrus, D-0581) we have found by coincidence and bought by it a favourable price. Because of the rather bad condition a major overhaul has to be done. Stupidly not only the glider itself need "some" work - the trailer was although in a bad condition - the through the rear door water invaded in the steel frame and the last two metes of the trailer were destroyed.

Overall the complete project takes from september 2002 till June 2007, in which the maiden flight takes place. The complete hours worked at approximately 2500, whereas the trailer takes 1000 hours alone. Thereby we have learned much, started with the handling of glass- and carbon fibres (the carbon for the trailer - not for the Cirrus), mould construction, electrical systems and electronics, painting, approval and much more. Thomas aims (fortunately) a license for rearing wooden and fibre-gliders and we both had worked before on many gilders - however to cite Thomas: "You will build every part twice - till it is nice!".

Every man well knows a list of things, which a man should have done in its life: beget a child, crop a tree and build a house - the major overhaul and build-up of a plane i would add now ...

Finally i would like to thank this persons / institutions:

  • Barbara, which sold us the plane to an really fair price
  • my club, the LSV-Braunschweig, in whose workshop we do all the work on the Cirrus during the summer-season
  • Jörg Beckmann, our inspector for the technical assistance and the attendance of this project
  • and mainly my wife Sina for the patience, when i was "lost in the workshop" many times...

Some remarks / experiences for all, which want to start such a project:

  • it takes double of the time you thought about
  • it is really fun (the most time)
  • much staying power is needed
  • a self build or rebuild plane flies much better then a bought one
  • do not wait - start the project ...

The project is (still) not finished - what have to be done whenever:

  • Airfoil design for the wing
  • Winglet design / flight measurement and building
  • Major overhaul and painting of the wings
  • Bug wipers
  • Turbo (propeller or jet-engine)