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During the major overhaul of my Std. Cirrus the pilot stick build in by the manufacturer does not correspond to my personal picture of well designed cockpit. After a long search by the glider manufacturers and in the sports area (walking- and skiing starves) i found a huge amount of sticks, however none of them fit neither mechanical or from the design point of view in a cockpit. What can be done was the good question at that time.

Because of my long time experience on working with fiber-reinforced plastic i decided to build a carbon fiber pilot stick by myself. This includes the construction of the pilot stick, the building of the molds and the production of the pilot stick itself. After some tries and some weeks of work the first pilot stick was ready. Shortly after the assembly in my Std. Cirrus other glider pilots ask, where to by this pilot stick ... in the meantime the pilot stick is would-wide in operation in a huge number of aircrafts and gliders.

One article about this pilot stick published in the german magazine Segelfliegen can be found here.

Meanwhile there is a second variant of the stick, which is especially designed for the mounting of the switches from the LX Remote Stick. This stick is altough available with classic switches.

What are the outstanding qualities of this pilot stick?

  • Timeless design & exclusiveness
  • Build from carbon fiber: insensitive and extremely persistent
  • Production in highest quality due to long lasting experience
  • Fits in (nearly) all gliders
  • Individual electrical configuration based on custumer requirements
  • Enough space for a whole range of switches
  • Completely adapted to your plane (diameter of steering-rod up to 25 mm)
  • High gloss finish
  • Ready to build in
  • No sweating of your hand

Information: The shown pilot sticks are protected by copyright.