FLARM Antennas

SuperFant (direct mount)

45 Euro

Free of shipping costs inside Germany

Image description


with antenna cable

starting with 46 Euro

Free of shipping costs inside Germany

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  • 0.5m cable length: 46 Euro
  • 1.0m cable length: 47 Euro
  • 2.0m cable length: 49 Euro
  • Free length (up to 2m): 52 Euro
  • With fast disconnect (up to 2m): 68 Euro

Important: for an optimal function please read the installation instructions!

Supported Devices

  • Flarm (Classic)
  • PowerFlarm (Core + Fusion + Portable)
  • LX FLARM Eagle
  • AIR Traffic
  • PowerMouse
  • FLARM Bat
  • Stratux
  • Flytec FLARM
  • Pilot Aware
  • LX RedBox
  • TRX
  • Glidersystem LX-Series
  • And many others...

If your system is not listet here, please ask with Mail WebMaster@GliderDesignParts.de..


The order is given with E-Mail to WebMaster@GliderDesignParts.de. After the order you will get an order confirmation and an invoice by mail. The payment is pre-paiment by bank transfer or PayPal. The shipping starts after payment.

During order please give this informations:

  • Antenna type
  • Other connector then SMA
  • Cable length or direct mount
  • Fast disconnect in the antenna cable?
  • Shipping address


Note I: The antenna is tuned for an frequency of 868.6 MHz for the usage in Europe. For the usage on other continents (e.g. USA, New Sealand, Australia) please give this information during order.

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Note II: All antennas are measured using an antenna analysator for an exact tuning of the frequency and minimizing the stading wave ratio. In the picture the used antenna analysator is shown.

Note III: To get the maximum range of the FLARM you should configure it like shown here ( Details to flarmcfg.txt und Data Port Specifications):

// Maximum range to 20 km