FLARM Antenna SuperFAntFlow

New antenna for outside mounting SuperFAntFlow for the FLARM with the unique combination of the already in big numbers flying SuperFAnt with maximum range and very good all around sensitifity with excelent aerodynamic performance with minimum drag and minimum sideslip angle sensitifiy

  • Further development of the world wide leading FLARM-antenna SuperFAnt
  • Compared to other oudside FLARM antennas better in range and around sensitifity and although aerodynamic parameters
  • Minimum drag: even at a glide ratio of 1/60 only 1/1000 glide ratio point of additional drag
  • up to 15 degree side slip angle free of flow separations
  • needs no mass surface - therefore simple installation
  • works on insulating (z.B. glas fiber) as on conductive surfaces (e.g. carbon fiber, metal)
  • simple mounting (two holes for screws and one for the cable)
  • weatherproof construction - outer shell made from vorgelat
  • connection to antenna cable with SMA-connector
  • approval with EASA CS-STAN (CSSC004a), can be used for gliders and non complex aircrafts (UL, self launcher, motorglider, simple motor airplanes without permission for known icing)

Purchased parts package consists of:

  • manual for mounting and usage (german)
  • mounting material (plastic screws M8 / washers / sealing for the antenna root)
  • Certificate of Conformity

Cable (normal or low loss) can be orderd as addon with free length - not part of the antenna:

  • per meter cable length RG174: 2.5 Euro
  • per meter cable length RG58 (low loss): 7 Euro

Technical data:

  • Weight: about 115 – 125 gramm
  • Size: 135 mm height, 125 mm root length, 33 mm maximum thickness
  • Connector: SMA female connector
  • Drag: glide ratio of 1/60 only 1/1000 glide ratio point of additional drag at sideslip free flight
  • Free of flow separations up to 15 degree sideslip angle
  • Max. flight velocity: 500 km/h (270 kt) if mounted on a surface, which can resist a side force of 106 Newteon (15 degree sideslip angle, maximum sideforece of the antenna) with a safety margin of 2.5
  • Break force: with an sideforce of 30 kg (294 Newton) and mouting with the included screws only reverible bending, no break or damage

SuperFantFlow (Outside mounting)

249 Euro

plus shipping

Volume discount on request

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Antenna build in
Certificate of conformity
Certificate CS-STAN


The order is given with E-Mail to WebMaster@GliderDesignParts.de. After the order you will get an order confirmation and an invoice by mail. The payment is pre-paiment by bank transfer or PayPal. The shipping starts after payment.

During order please give this informations:

  • Cable length and type
  • Shipping address

Volume discount on request

Supported Devices

  • Flarm (Classic)
  • PowerFlarm (Core + Fusion + Portable)
  • LX FLARM Eagle
  • AIR Traffic
  • PowerMouse
  • FLARM Bat
  • Stratux
  • Flytec FLARM
  • Pilot Aware
  • LX RedBox
  • TRX
  • Glidersystem LX-Series
  • And many others...

If your system is not listet here, please ask with Mail WebMaster@GliderDesignParts.de..


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Note I: The antenna is tuned for an frequency of 868.6 MHz for the usage in Europe. For the usage on other continents (e.g. USA, New Sealand, Australia) please give this information during order.

Note II: All antennas are measured using an antenna analysator for an exact tuning of the frequency and minimizing the stading wave ratio. In the picture the used antenna analysator is shown.

Note III: To get the maximum range of the FLARM you should configure it like shown here ( Details to flarmcfg.txt und Data Port Specifications):

// Maximum range to 20 km